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Traditionally, Intelligence has been in the heart of the security of States as a tool for better predicting risks for nations as for today armed conflicts, terrorism, espionage…. “To govern is to foresee (and to not foresee anything is to be on the road to ruin)”, told us Émile de Girardin in 1852. A maxim that has never wavered, although the mechanisms of action and means allocated to the necessary foresight have continued to evolve and not necessarily always in the right direction.

Indeed, since 9/11, the whole philosophy of intelligence has been questioned. Rather than seeking to prevent, our leaders asked us to refocus on the counter-terrorism and strengthen the police work (with a preemptive or reactive approach) … at the expense of risk prevention work that involves the collect of information, which is the true core business of intelligence. Now the intelligence services are almost mainly used to provide useful information to police work.

Today we see that Western intelligence services are overwhelmed by the new security situation, particularly regarding asymmetric conflicts and their corollary mass terrorism. By never stop working as support for the police, our services are no longer able to work on the long term.

There is therefore an urgent need – and without doubt it is already too late – to refocus and reorganize the intelligence services in what is their first mission: the collection of information which will enable, after analysis, to provide timely and accurate Intelligence to our political leaders in order to ensure the protection of our States, our citizens and our businesses

This blog will thus be dedicated to a urgently needed reforming of the intelligence services and their adaptation to emerging risks at the dawn of the twenty-first century.

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