On the eve of the Low cost terrorism era

Two days after the knife attack in the subway and two years after another knife attack in the streets of London, we could ask ourselves if we are now on the eve on a low cost terrorism era. And the answer would be yes, unfortunately, we are there.

Israel has already been confronted with this low cost terrorism for several months and nothing can be done to counter it. The situation is even more complicated in our countries where we are not in a state of war, although it is definitely good for democracy: policemen are not allowed to shoot at a man threatening people with a knife as this wouldn’t be a proportionate response. This is the reason why they stopped the terrorist in London (or alleged terrorist in the “newspeak” language) with a teaser.

What would happen if radical Islamists related or not to Al Qaida or ISIS start to use knives rather than hand guns or machine guns? How would the Police or Intelligence services detect them? It is already impossible to detect those terrorists when they collect machine guns at home, build IED’s (Improvised Explosive Device) in their garage or kitchen! Look at how the terrorists were organized in Paris and no one was in a position to stop them: nor the Belgian Intelligence services and Police, nor the French Intelligence services and Police…no one!


Imagine now these radicals that would like to develop a copycat situation of what is happening in Israel. Imagine radicals Islamists buying knives in the shops of London, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Brussels… Imagine them walking in the streets or in the subways and all the sudden attack people around them. Imagine! The number of victims might not reach the level of Paris attacks but the psychological impact might be even worse: you would never feel safe anywhere, anymore, you would look behind your shoulder every time you walk on a street, you would be scared when people run around you, you would… The impact would be tremendous!

Imagine …I can say it clearly, with no so-called “newspeak”: Police and Intelligence services would be disarmed!

It is certainly urgent to work on the causes of terrorism at global level and stop fighting only on the short term locally. We can’t stop terrorism with a 4-days level 4 alert in capital cities in Europe. The answer has to be Glocal: local AND global, and it has to be done now!

“Imagine there’s no countries; It isn’t hard to do; Nothing to kill or die for; And no religion too; Imagine all the people Living life in peace…”


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